Rahasia Sains di Balik Sebuah Konten Viral

Antonio Damasio, dalam bukunya Descartes’ Error menantang ungkapan filsuf Perancis Rene Descartes “Aku berpikir maka aku ada” (I think, therefore I am) dari segi neurosains. Menurut pandangan Descartes, eksistensi manusia dapat dibuktikan dengan fakta bahwa ia bisa berpikir sendiri. Tentu ini tidak sepenuhnya salah, namun Damasio menemukan bahwa ungkapan tersebut mengabaikan aspek emosional yang sebenarnya merupakan salah satu fondasi dari eksistensi manusia sendiri. Dalam pernyataannya: “Manusi

The Text, the Reader, and the Author as a Whole

The act of reading is closely related with the process of making meaning. However, is it really true that in the process, the readers have infinite freedom in interpreting the text?

At first, it sounds quite logical that once the text is ‘liberated’ from the author, then automatically the meaning is not solely the author’s. An intentional fallacy* is unavoidable and the writer cannot really argue when there are varying interpretations to their very own text. The plurality of meaning is also i

The Beatles’ Early and Middle Period as Represented in the Album Covers

In the present day, we can all agree that album covers play an important role in the music scene. Not only functioned as the marketing tool to attract the buyers, it also serves as a direct representation of the artist; the agglutination of changes in a particular musical artist–from fashion statement to musical genre. Album cover art, unlike any other art form, capable to capture the image of the artist at a particular period of time, and communicated it through a medium other than music.

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